You don’t have to have a “Bad Back”

“I’ve got a bad back,” she said to me twice in the first minute during her initial evaluation.
“Yes, Ma’am. I understand,” I said, “Your lower back pain is spoiling your fun, isn’t it?”
“You betcha!,” she replied.

This is a common statement among people who suffer with back pain. I’ve thought about this quite a bit, and I believe the “I’ve got a bad back” statement is the convergence of two issues: a painful back (of course), and lack of control of the back pain.

Here’s a non-back related example that explains my point:
My wife and I recently got a honeysuckle plant. I noticed when watering it last week that some leaves were covered with a white powdery substance. I came in and told her. “What did you do about it?” she asked. “Well, nothing,” I said. “I guess we bought a bad plant.”
When it comes to plants, I have very little knowledge, so therefore, I have no strategies to employ if something goes wrong.
She, on the other hand, knows just what to do with plants. She assessed the problem, picked a few of the leaves, then sprayed something on the rest of them. She had a strategy learned from years of gardening.

We gain control over a problem by understanding it. So, if you find yourself thinking, “I’ve got a bad back”, what you’re really saying is, “I have no control over my back pain”. The good news is once you gain an understanding about what is useful, and what is not for your unique back issue, you’ll be able to decrease the intensity of your pain any time you need to. And that changes everything. As one of my patients said, “I feel like I have a dimmer switch for my pain!”

For more information about how I can help you understand and solve your back problems, click here. For more information about common problems with your garden plants, you’ll have to ask my wife!


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