Your Back Might Be in a Codependent Relationship

If you’re over 50, I bet you’ve had times where you feel like you have a pinching pain or stiffness in your back.  This is an article to help you understand why you hurt.

There’s a few things that can cause pinching pain and stiffness in the lower back, but one of the most common reasons is that your back joints are in a codependent relationship.

Let me explain:

As we age, our collagen begins to get more viscous (as reported here).  In some cases this causes our joint surfaces to stick together.  When joints are stuck together, they cannot participate in the normal movement taking place during your regular daily activities.  In time, since you continue to move your body in the usual way, the joints that are moving fine (ie: not the stuck ones) will try to pick up the slack for the stuck joints.  This is the codependent part. Consider this:

If you live with someone who just sits on the couch instead of helping with the dishes, making dinner or doing laundry, then someone else has a lot of work to do.

Who do you think will wear out first?

Of course.  The one doing all the work!

Now, back to the lower back joints:  When 2 joints are stuck together and we try to move in a normal way, the remaining  joints in the lower back have to move farther than natural to accomplish this. In time this becomes painful.

Luckily, correcting this problem is often easy.  Restoring movement to the stuck joint can correct the problem immediately.  A manipulation of the spine can provide rapid resolution of the problem. But sometimes, doing simple range of motion exercises for the back in a direction that forces the joint open can correct the problem too.

A thorough examination can lead to appropriate treatment, and have you moving free and easy again soon. Call for an examination today, and be moving more comfortably by next week! 458-210-2940

About the author: Keith Blackwell has been a physical therapist for over 30 years and is the owner of Essential Physical Therapy, Inc. in Eugene Oregon.  He knows that pain spoils your fun, and wants you to have the most fun possible!


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